Story Behind And All About Our First Crush: Amalfi Coast

Story Behind And All About Our First Crush: Amalfi Coast

Come closer, we'll give a secret..

Gorgeous, effortless, delicious and inspiring Italy.. You are more than just a tourist destination.

Traveling is always the best chocolate cake for us (raw dark chocolate cake with a lavender is also accepted). The idea of this trip came up to the table in the search for a fresh page and a life update. All we had in mind was to relax and reboot. Everything else was unexpected.

souq samurai positano capri amalfi lifestyle travel

G started from artsy and epic capital Rome and went down to dramatic and romantic renaissance city Florence. Finally, she ended up in dirty, loud, warm Naples. 

C filed from Istanbul to Naples and found G at the airport a little scared from Naples but totally in the mood and wearing a handmade straw boater.

souq samurai amalfi story travel handmade straw boater hat croissant espresso

This is how the fig, olive and limoncello rock'N roll begin at the Coast of Amalfi.

souq samurai story mediterranean coast amalfi lemoncello fig olive travel positano praiano

We rented a cute car and start driving. The idea of driving in this iconic road is amazing but when you realize the road itself narrows steadily from abeam Sorrento it gives you just an enough dose of adrenalin. Then, you see that it is effectively a single lane, one-way, hanging off the side of a cliff by Positano and gets worse on the way to Amalfi. This is when you almost close your eyes while a day trip bus comes right at you from an opposite direction. 

souq samurai story travel positano coast of amalfi

and with a cabrio reaching to the stars...

souq samurai story travel praiano coast of amalfi

The hotel.. Ohh the beauty of Le Sirenuse.. Right at the heart of Praiano in the middle fig trees and a small fresh vegetable field (by way all fruits and vegetables are handpicked daily and served for breakfast) with the best view ever. It actually makes you want to stop the time and stay still.

Our inspirational sparkly butterflies began to fly above us and planted the story of a Mediterranean girl , when we missed the last boat to Positano from Capri lustering after a sunset at La Fontelina and sipping the best wine ever in Da Luigi at the Faraglioni (there is no such thing at sea taxi guys, we were too Turkish and optimistic). We had to stay on the island and had the most spontaneous night walking around the randomly hanged linen shirts and coolest people.  Turns out everything in life actually happens for a reason. Here we are and sharing with you from the first hand.

isle of capri

da luigi faraglioni

da luigi faraglioni

isle of capri

isle of capri linen

Here are some travel notes that are golden: No need for the touristic hooray. Be Italian as much as you can and everything else will fall in the right place.  

Do not leave the coast without trying zucchini spaghetti at Maria Grazia restaurant in Nerano. Chilled white wine with yellow peaches is also to die for. They also serve to the boats if you are too lazy to step on the land.  

maria grazia zucchini spaghetti massa lubrense

maria grazia fig massa lubrense

Get ready to fell in love with every deep shade of blue. 


Feel the Mediterreanean and authentic elegance.


Take boats to beaches that you can only reach from sea. They are the best. 

isle of capri da luigi faraglioni boat

Go to One Fire Beach in Praiano for a boozy beach day and wait until they serve the watermelon. Piccoletto and his team are amazing.


Get lost in the sun-kissed colored narrow streets.


Rent a boat to explore the grottos.


Stay in Villa Treville  or Il San Pietro di Positano for the best experience.


Make friends with locals. They know better than Trip Advisor.


Blindly follow the authentic hand-written signs.

Il San Pietro di Positano


Appreciate the local artisans.


Try restaurants that you find randomly. There is no such thing as bad Italian food.

italian food mozzarella basil aperol spritz

Bring home some lemons. Dry them to put in your tea during cold winter days to remember summer is not far away. 


Get yourself a linen shirt and a straw boater hat.


Walk in the fields and pick up some fresh fruit and vegetable.


Rent a Vespa.

vespa coast of amalfi positano praiano

Drink lots of icy rose.


Set your hair free and salty. Have your own dancing queen moment while driving your Vespa and taking the bends of Amalfi coast.


Lost and found each other at small boutiques of Capri.

isle of capri

isle of capri


Support local artisans and get yourself some custom made sandals from Amedeo Canfora just the way Jackie O' did. 


Go to La Fontelina and Da Luigi. Oh pls do! Its not touristic. It is epic. The food, the wine..

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